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Bahrain flag
Kingdom of Bahrain
Mamlakat al-Bahrayn
   Bahrain is a small island state in the Persian Gulf consisting of the main island and other minor islands and not far from the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Bahraini economy is largely linked to the exploitation of oil fields, a situation that has given the impetus to the development of other sectors, such as banking.
Government type Constitutional monarchy
Area 785 kmē (303 sq mi)
Population 1,502,000 inh. (2020 census)
Population density 1,913 inh/kmē (4,957 inh/miē)
Capital Manama (157,000 pop., 595,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Bahraini dinar
Human development index 0.875 (35th place)
Languages Arabic (official), English
Life expectancy M 76 years, F 78 years
Location in Asia


Surrounded by the Persian Gulf


Largest cities
Muharraq 189,000 pop., 595,000 urban aggl., largest city in the agglomeration of the capital Manama
Manama 157,000 pop.
Hamad 134,000 pop.
Riffa 122,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Jabal Dukhan 134 m (440 ft)
Largest islands
Bahrain 617 kmē (238 sq mi)
Muharraq/Asry 72 kmē (28 sq mi)
Hawar 52 kmē (20 sq mi)


   Bahrain is administratively divided into 4 governorates, with the southern one constituting 62% of the territory, although in terms of population it is surpassed by both the capital and the northern governorates.