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Malta flag
Republic of Malta
Repubblika ta' Malta
   In addition to the main island with the same name of the country, Malta consists of Gozo, Comino and Filfla (plus other smaller islets) and is located in the Mediterranean Sea about 90 km south of Sicily (Italy). The territory is flat and hilly, the population is concentrated mostly in the area of the capital on the largest island; since 2004 Malta is part of the European Union.
Government type Parliamentary republic
Area 316 kmē (122 sq mi)
Population 520,000 inh. (2021 census)
Population density 1,646 inh/kmē (4,262 inh/miē)
Capital Valletta (5,200 pop., 355,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Euro
Human development index 0.918 (23rd place)
Languages English, Maltese (both official)
Life expectancy M 81 years, F 84 years
Location in Europe


Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea


Largest cities
St Paul's Bay 32,000 pop.
Birkirkara 25,800 pop.
Mosta 23,500 pop.
Sliema 19,700 pop.
Highest mountains
Ta' Dmejrek 253 m (830 ft)
Largest islands
Malta 246 kmē (95 sq mi)
Gozo 67 kmē (26 sq mi)


   All the 22 localities with at least 10,000 inhabitants are located on the main island, while on Gozo there are only smaller towns. The north-central part of Malta can be considered as a single large urban center; St. Paul's Bay is the most populated town, with just over 30,000 inhabitants.

La Valletta