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Indonesia flag
Republic of Indonesia
Republik Indonesia
   Indonesia is located in the south-eastern area of Asia (with a part in Oceania, New Guinea and the neighboring smaller islands) and is one of the largest and most populated countries on the continent. The geographical feature that immediately catches the eye are the thousands of islands of all shapes and sizes, some of which are divided with other countries; over half of the territory is occupied by equatorial forests, such as that of Borneo.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 1,916,907 kmē (740,122 sq mi)
Population 270,204,000 inh. (2020 census)
Population 275,774,000 inh. (2022 est.)
Population density 144 inh/kmē (373 inh/miē)
Capital Jakarta (10,610,000 pop., 33,756,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Indonesian rupiah
Human development index 0.705 (114th place)
Languages Bahasa Indonesia
Life expectancy M 69 years, F 74 years
Location in Asia


Malaysia NORTH
Papua New Guinea EAST
Indian Ocean a SOUTH-WEST
Pacific Ocean NORTH-EAST


Largest cities
Jakarta 10,610,000 pop., 33,756,000 urban aggl.
Surabaya 2,874,000 pop., 6,998,000 urban aggl.
Bekasi 2,544,000 pop.
Bandung 2,444,000 pop., 7,512,000 urban aggl.
Medan 2,435,000 pop., 3,811,000 urban aggl.
Depok 2,056,000 pop.
Tangerang 1,895,000 pop.
Palembang 1,669,000 pop., 1,952,000 urban aggl.
Semarang 1,654,000 pop., 2,103,000 urban aggl.
Makassar 1,424,000 pop., 2,137,000 urban aggl.
Tangerang Selatan 1,354,000 pop.
Batam 1,196,000 pop., 1,506,000 urban aggl.
Bandar Lampung 1,166,000 pop.
Bogor 1,043,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Puncak Jaya 4,884 m (16,024 ft)
Sumantri 4,870 m (15,978 ft)
Longest rivers
Kapuas 1,143 km (710 mi)
Mahakam 980 km (609 mi)
Barito 890 km (553 mi)
Batang Hari 800 km (497 mi)
Mamberamo 800 km (497 mi)
Musi 750 km (466 mi)
Largest lakes
Lake Toba 1,130 kmē (436 sq mi)
Lake Towuti 561 kmē (217 sq mi)
Lake Jempang 450 kmē (174 sq mi), medium surface area
Largest islands
New Guinea 785,753 kmē (303,381 sq mi) total, 413,253 kmē (159,558 sq mi) in Indonesia
Borneo 743,330 kmē (287,001 sq mi) total, 533,250 kmē (205,889 sq mi) in Indonesia
Sumatra 420,306 kmē (162,281 sq mi)
Celebes / Sulawesi 174,600 kmē (67,413 sq mi)
Java 129,439 kmē (49,977 sq mi)
Timor 30,377 kmē (11,729 sq mi) total, 15,521 kmē (5,993 sq mi) in Indonesia
Halmahera 17,780 kmē (6,865 sq mi)
Seram 17,100 kmē (6,602 sq mi)
Sumbawa 14,386 kmē (5,554 sq mi)
Flores 14,268 kmē (5,509 sq mi)
Yos Sudarso 11,742 kmē (4,534 sq mi)
Bangka 11,413 kmē (4,407 sq mi)
Sumba 10,997 kmē (4,246 sq mi)


   Indonesia is administratively divided into 34 provinces, of which 5 have special status; Papua, in the eastern extremity, with an area of over three hundred thousand square kilometers is the largest province, while the 3 provinces of Western, Central and Eastern Java are by far the most populated.

   At the 2020 census there were 14 cities over a million inhabitants, 9 of which on the island of Java, which obviously has a higher concentration of people, with a density of over 1,000 inhabitants per square kilometer; the easternmost part of Indonesia has few major cities.