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   Japan is located off the Korean coast and is one of the easternmost countries in Asia; it is made up of a multitude of islands, with the 4 main ones constituting 97% of the entire territory, subject to intense seismic activity. It is one of the most advanced states in the world, a position reached quite recently thanks to the development of the most technological industrial sectors.
Government type Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Area 377,955 kmē (145,929 sq mi)
Population 126,146,000 inh. (2020 census)
Population 124,780,000 inh. (2022 est.)
Population density 330 inh/kmē (855 inh/miē)
Capital Tokyo (9,733,000 pop., 37,732,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Japanese yen
Human development index 0.925 (19th place)
Languages Japanese
Life expectancy M 81 years, F 87 years
Location in Asia


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean


Largest cities
Tokyo 9,733,000 pop., 37,732,000 urban aggl.
Yokohama 3,777,000 pop.
Osaka 2,752,000 pop., 15,126,000 urban aggl.
Nagoya 2,332,000 pop., 9,197,000 urban aggl.
Sapporo 1,973,000 pop., 2,028,000 urban aggl.
Fukuoka 1,612,000 pop., 2,286,000 urban aggl.
Kawasaki 1,538,000 pop.
Kobe 1,525,000 pop.
Kyoto 1,464,000 pop.
Saitama 1,324,000 pop.
Hiroshima 1,201,000 pop.
Sendai 1,097,000 pop., 1,133,000 urban aggl.
Highest mountains
Mount Fuji 3,776 m (12,388 ft)
Mount Kita 3,193 m (10,476 ft)
Longest rivers
Shinano 367 km (228 mi)
Tone 322 km (200 mi)
Largest lakes
Biwa 669 kmē (258 sq mi)
Kasumigaura 168 kmē (65 sq mi)
Saroma 152 kmē (59 sq mi)
Largest islands
Honshu 227,943 kmē (88,009 sq mi)
Hokkaido 77,984 kmē (30,110 sq mi)
Kyushu 36,783 kmē (14,202 sq mi)
Shikoku 18,298 kmē (7,065 sq mi)
Okinawa 1,207 kmē (466 sq mi)
Sado 855 kmē (330 sq mi)


   Japan is divided into 47 prefectures, from the much larger one of Hokkaido (83,456 kmē) in the north-east to the southernmost one of Okinawa; over 2/3 of the prefectures (34) are located on the island of Honshu, followed by Kyushu with 7 and Shikoku with 4; the prefecture of Tokyo, despite being the third least extensive, is the most populated with 13 and a half million inhabitants, while in second place we have the adjacent one of Kanagawa, which has Yokohama as its capital.

   12 cities have over a million inhabitants, while another 16 are in the range between half and a million people; most of the main urban centers are located along the southern coastal strip of the island of Honshu, between Hiroshima and Tokyo, with the large agglomerations of Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto and Nagoya in the middle.



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Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji


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