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The Volga in Saratov   Eight of the top ten European rivers flow totally or partially in Russia, which constitutes almost 40% of the continent, which in other areas has not allowed the development of equally long watercourses, if we exclude the Danube, the river in the world that touches more countries, ten.

   Volga is the longest river in Europe and flows from beginning to end in Russia; the first five rivers have their mouths in the south-eastern area of Europe, in two cases in the largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea, located however in Asia.

   The second watercourse in the western part of the continent, the Rhine, is less than half the length of the Danube and occupies only the 12th place, but crosses 6 countries before flowing into the North Sea.

River Length (km) Length (mi) Mouth Countries
Volga (1) 3,531 km 2,194 mi Caspian Sea Russia
Danube (2) 2,858 km 1,776 mi Black Sea Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia,
Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine
Ural (3) 2,428 km 1,509 mi Caspian Sea Russia, Kazakhstan
Dnieper 2,201 km 1,368 mi Black Sea Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Don 1,950 km 1,212 mi Sea of Azov Russia
Pechora 1,809 km 1,124 mi Barents Sea Russia
Kama 1,805 km 1,122 mi Volga Russia
Northern Dvina (4) 1,744 km 1,084 mi White Sea Russia
Oka 1,500 km 932 mi Volga Russia
Belaya (5) 1,430 km 889 mi Kama Russia
Dniester 1,370 km 851 mi Black Sea Ukraine, Moldova
Rhine 1,320 km 820 mi North Sea Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria,
Germany, France, Netherlands
Vyatka 1,314 km 816 mi Kama Russia
Desna 1,130 km 702 mi Dnieper Russia, Ukraine
Elbe 1,094 km 680 mi North Sea Czech Republic, Germany
Donets 1,053 km 654 mi Don Russia, Ukraine
Vistula 1,022 km 635 mi Baltic Sea Poland
Tagus 1,007 km 626 mi Atlantic Ocean Spain, Portugal
Loire 1,006 km 625 mi Atlantic Ocean France
Western Dvina (6) 1,005 km 624 mi Baltic Sea Russia, Belarus, Latvia
Khopyor 979 km 608 mi Don Russia
Tisza 976 km 606 mi Danube Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia
Sava 947 km 588 mi Danube Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
Neman 937 km 582 mi Baltic Sea Belarus, Lithuania, Russia
Prut 926 km 575 mi Danube Ukraine, Romania, Moldova
Meuse 925 km 575 mi North Sea France, Belgium, Netherlands
Ufa 918 km 570 mi Belaya Russia
Ebro 910 km 565 mi Mediterranean Sea Spain

(1) Its source is located just 228 meters above sea level; in the last stretch it flows below sea level.
(2) It is the river that crosses the largest number of countries in the world, as many as ten, Moldova for just 570 meters.
(3) Its entire course straddles Asia and Europe, since it determines its border.
(4) It takes this name one hundred kilometers south of the confluence with the Vychegda, included in the measurement.
(5) Biggest tributary of the longest tributary of the Volga.
(6) In Latvia the river is called Daugava.