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Portugal flag
Portuguese Republic
República Portuguesa
   Portugal occupies the extreme western part of Europe and due to its oceanic vocation has been the protagonist in the past of great seafaring explorations, especially as regards Africa and South America. Except for the more mountainous north-eastern part, the territory has hilly and flat areas and is rich in rivers of a certain importance; compared to other European countries agriculture and livestock play an important role in the economy, in the past centuries also trade (especially by sea) was crucial for the country.
Government type Semi-presidential republic
Area 92,225 km² (35,608 sq mi)
Population 10,345,000 inh. (2021 census)
Population density 112 inh/km² (291 inh/mi²)
Capital Lisbon (546,000 pop., 2,727,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Euro
Human development index 0.866 (38th place)
Languages Portuguese
Life expectancy M 79 years, F 85 years
Location in Europe


Spain NORTH and EAST
Atlantic Ocean WEST and SOUTH


Largest cities
Lisbon 546,000 pop., 2,727,000 urban aggl.
Porto 232,000 pop., 1,355,000 urban aggl.
Vila Nova de Gaia 189,000 pop.
Amadora 171,000 pop.
Braga 149,000 pop.
Funchal 106,000 pop.
Coimbra 105,000 pop.
Setubal 98,500 pop.
Almada 95,500 pop.
Highest mountains
Mount Pico 2,351 m (7,713 ft)
Serra da Estrela 1,993 m (6,539 ft)
Longest rivers
Tagus 1,007 km (626 mi) total, 275 km (171 mi) in Portugal
Douro 895 km (556 mi) total, 322 km (200 mi) in Portugal
Guadiana 818 km (508 mi) total, 260 km (162 mi) in Portugal
Mondego 234 km (145 mi)
Largest lakes
Alqueva Reservoir (artificial) 250 km² (97 sq mi)
Largest islands
Madeira 759 km² (293 sq mi)
São Miguel 745 km² (288 sq mi)
Pico 445 km² (172 sq mi)
Terceira 400 km² (154 sq mi)
São Jorge 244 km² (94 sq mi)


   Portugal is divided into 18 districts and 2 autonomous regions (Azores and Madeira); the southern district of Beja is the only one with an area greater than 10,000 km², while only in the two districts of Lisbon and Porto the population exceeds one million inhabitants.

   Porto and above all Lisbon are the two cities where the population is most concentrated, thanks also to various urban centers that are part of their urban area; 7 the cities with at least 100,000 inhabitants.