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   Svalbard is a group of islands dependent on Norway, located completely beyond the Arctic Circle (between 74° and 81° north parallel), about 700 km north of the motherland. Their name means 'cold coast', the climate is very harsh, but it is mitigated by the Gulf Stream, about 2/3 of the territory is covered by perennial ice; 65% of the surface is a protected area. The economy is based on mining and tourism.
Government type Territory of Norway
Area 61,022 km² (23,561 sq mi)
Population 2,900 inh. (2022)
Population density 0.05 inh/km² (0.12 inh/mi²)
Capital Longyearbyen (2,350 pop.)
Currency Norwegian krone
Languages Norwegian, Ukrainian, Russian
Location in Europe


Surrounded by the Arctic Ocean


Largest cities
Longyearbyen 2,350 pop.
Barentsburg 390 pop.
Ny-Alesund 150 pop.
Highest mountains
Newtontoppen 1,713 m (5,620 ft)
Perriertoppen 1,712 m (5,617 ft)
Largest glacier
Austfonna 8,492 km² (3,279 sq mi)
Largest islands
Spitsbergen 37,673 km² (14,546 sq mi)
Nordaustlandet 14,467 km² (5,586 sq mi)
Edgeøya 5,073 km² (1,959 sq mi)
Barentsøya 1,288 km² (497 sq mi)
Kvitøya 682 km² (263 sq mi)
Prins Karls Forland 615 km² (237 sq mi)