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   In Italy there are some of the highest European peaks; if the Caucasus is considered in Asia then Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) is the highest peak in Europe, otherwise this becomes Elbrus.

   There are two main chains that affect the country, the Alps in the north with the highest peaks and the Apennines in the center-south, with lower but still considerable heights; there are also some active volcanoes, such as the majestic Etna in Sicily.

   It should be noted and underlined that all 4 mountain groups that exceed 4,000 meters (excluding the Bernina, whose maximum peak in this country reaches 3,996 meters) affect the territory of the smallest Italian region, the Aosta Valley.

   The only three regions that do not exceed 2,000 meters are Campania, which is very close with Mount La Gallinola (1,923 m.), Sardinia, which is also only slightly distant, as it reaches 1,834 m., and Apulia, which instead it stops at the 'only' 1,152 meters of Monte Cornacchia.

Monte Bianco

Mountain Height (meters) Height (feet) Mountain Range Region/Country
Monte Bianco (1) 4,809 15,778 Graian Alps Aosta Valley / France
Monte Rosa (2) 4,609 15,121 Pennine Alps Piedmont / Aosta Valley / Switzerland
Cervino (Matterhorn) 4,478 14,692 Pennine Alps Aosta Valley / Switzerland
Gran Paradiso (3) 4,061 13,323 Graian Alps Piedmont / Aosta Valley
Bernina (4) 3,996 13,110 Rhaetian Alps Lombardy
Ortles 3,899 12,792 Rhaetian Alps Trentino-South Tyrol
Monviso 3,842 12,605 Cottian Alps Piedmont
Palla Bianca 3,738 12,264 Rhaetian Alps Trentino-South Tyrol / Austria
Marmolada (5) 3,343 10,968 Dolomites Trentino-South Tyrol / Veneto
Etna (6) 3,326 10,912 Etna Sicily
Gran Sasso d'Italia (7) 2,912 9,554 Abruzzi Apennines Abruzzo
Maiella (8) 2,793 9,163 Abruzzi Apennines Abruzzo
Monte Velino 2,487 8,159 Abruzzi Apennines Abruzzo
Monte Vettore 2,476 8,123 Umbria-Marche Apennines Marche / Umbria
Monte Pollino 2,267 7,438 Lucan-Calabrian Apennines Basilicata / Calabria
Monte Cimone 2,165 7,103 Tuscan–Emilian Apennines Emilia-Romagna
Monte Miletto (9) 2,050 6,726 Sannita Apennines Molise
Pizzo Carbonara 1,979 6,493 Sicilian Apennines Sicily
Punta La Marmora 1,834 6,017 Gennargentu Sardinia

(1) Highest peak in the Alps, historical dispute over the location of the summit, whether on the border or not.
(2) The highest point of the massif is on Swiss territory (Dufourspitze 4,634 m.); it is the second alpine peak.
(3) The highest peak with the same name is located in Val d'Aosta.
(4) Height in Italy refers to Pizzo Zupò, the highest peak with the same name of the group (4,049 m.) is in Switzerland.
(5) Highest peak of this group, not made up of dolomites, but mainly limestone.
(6) It's the highest active volcano in Europe.
(7) The highest peak of Appennine Mountains, if Etna is excluded (only by some institutions included in the Apennines).
(8) Second Apennine peak.
(9) The summit is located entirely in Molise, a few hundred meters from Campania.