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Kiribati flag
Republic of Kiribati
Ribaberiki Kiribati
   Although Kiribati does not even reach an area of 1,000 kmē, it occupies a very large part of the Pacific Ocean straddling the equator, from the meridian 170° East to 150° West; the island of Banaba and the three archipelagos of the Gilbert Islands, the Phoenix Islands and the Line Islands (except Kingman, Palmyra and Jarvis under US jurisdiction) belong to this Country.
Government type Parliamentary republic
Area 811 kmē (313 sq mi)
Population 119,400 inh. (2020 census)
Population density 147 inh/kmē (381 inh/miē)
Capital South Tarawa (63,100 pop.)
Currency Australian dollar, Kiribati dollar
Human development index 0.630 (134th place)
Languages Gilbertese, English (both official)
Life expectancy M 64 years, F 72 years
Location in Oceania


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean


Largest cities
South Tarawa 63,100 pop.
Highest elevation
81 m (266 ft) on Banaba Island
Largest islands
Kiritimati 388 kmē (150 sq mi)
Malden 39 kmē (15 sq mi)
Tabiteuea 38 kmē (14.7 sq mi)
Tabuaeran 34 kmē (13.1 sq mi)
Tarawa 31 kmē (12 sq mi)
Abemama 27 kmē (10.4 sq mi)


   Kiribati is divided into 23 administrative units, with the island of Tarawa hosting over half of the population, despite making up less than 4% of the territory.