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Republic of Liberia
   Liberia was the first independent country of black Africa, it was estabilished in 1847 by the hand of former American slaves; it is located on the Gulf of Guinea, west of the Ivory Coast. Torn apart by a ferocious civil war since 1990, Liberia is still unable to fully exploit its good mineral and water resources, as well as its soil fertility.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 111,369 kmē (43,000 sq mi)
Population 5,250,000 inh. (2022 census)
Population density 47 inh/kmē (122 inh/miē)
Capital Monrovia (1,768,000 pop.)
Currency Liberian dollar
Human development index 0.481 (178th place)
Languages English (official), Liberian English, regional languages
Life expectancy M 63 years, F 66 years
Location in Africa


Sierra Leone NORTH-WEST
Guinea NORTH
Ivory Coast EAST
Atlantic Ocean SOUTH


Largest cities
Monrovia 1,768,000 pop.
Gbarnga 57,000 pop.
Buchanan 50,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Mount Wuteve 1,440 m (4,724 ft)
Longest rivers
Cavalla 515 km (320 mi) total, with sections in Guinea and Ivory Coast
Saint Paul 450 km (280 mi) total, including the part in Guinea
Mano 320 km (199 mi)
Saint John 282 km (175 mi) total, initial section is in Guinea
Largest lakes
Lake Piso 103 kmē (40 sq mi)


   Liberia is administratively divided into 15 counties, with Nimba being the largest, while Montserrado county has almost 2 million inhabitants, thanks to the presence of the capital Monrovia in its territory.

   Monrovia only has more than one hundred thousand inhabitants, while the other cities reached a maximum of just over 50,000 people in the census of 2008; in several counties there are only villages and no cities or towns.