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Guinea flag
Republic of Guinea
République de Guinée
   Guinea is located in West Africa south of Senegal and Mali and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west; the territory is flat along the coast and the Niger basin to the north-east, more rugged in the other areas with some mountain ranges; Guinea is a very poor country, also due to the political management that has often led to uprisings and civil clashes.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 245,857 km² (94,926 sq mi)
Population 10,523,000 inh. (2014 census)
Population 13,990,000 inh. (2024 est.)
Population density 57 inh/km² (147 inh/mi²)
Capital Conakry (2,211,000 pop., 2,781,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Guinean franc
Human development index 0.465 (182nd place)
Languages French (official), regional languages
Life expectancy M 59 years, F 62 years
Location in Africa


Guinea-Bissau NORTH-WEST
Senegal NORTH
Ivory Coast EAST
Liberia and Sierra Leone SOUTH
Atlantic Ocean SOUTH-WEST


Largest cities
Conakry 2,211,000 pop., 2,781,000 urban aggl.
N'Zérékoré 246,000 pop.
Kankan 244,000 pop.
Dubréka 215,000 pop.
Kindia 215,000 pop.
Manéah 211,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Mount Nimba 1,752 m (5,748 ft)
Longest rivers
Niger 4,180 km (2,597 mi) total, initial section is in Guinea
Gambia 1,130 km (702 mi) total, including parts in Gambia and Senegal
Bafing 760 km (472 mi) total, with the section in Mali
Bakoye 560 km (348 mi) total, with the section in Mali
Largest islands
Tristan 226 km² (87 sq mi)


   Guinea is administratively divided into 7 regions, plus the district of the capital Conakry, which has similar status; Kankan is both the largest region, with an area almost twice as large as the other major regions, and the most populated, with over 2 million and half inhabitants at the last projections.

   In the country there is only one large city, the capital Conakry, but there are still numerous inhabited centers between 50,000 and 200,000 inhabitants; the distribution of the main cities is well balanced on the territory, as can be seen from the second map.