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Nicaragua flag
Republic of Nicaragua
República de Nicaragua
   Country of Central America located between Honduras and Costa Rica, overlooking both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The territory can be divided into 3 areas, the coastal strip on the Pacific, the central plateau and the vast eastern plains on the Caribbean Sea; Nicaragua has had a rather turbulent history, with the succession of several dictatorships.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 130,373 km² (50,337 sq mi)
Population 6,766,000 inh. (2024 est.)
Population density 52 inh/km² (134 inh/mi²)
Capital Managua (1,047,000 pop., 1,419,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Nicaraguan córdoba
Human development index 0.667 (126th place)
Languages Spanish (official), Indigenous languages
Life expectancy M 74 years, F 80 years
Location in North-Central America


Honduras NORTH
Costa Rica SOUTH
Pacific Ocean WEST
Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea) EAST


Largest cities
Managua 1,047,000 pop., 1,419,000 urban aggl.
León 175,000 pop.
Tipitapa 144,000 pop.
Masaya 137,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Mogotón 2,107 m (6,913 ft)
Longest rivers
Rio Coco 680 km (423 mi)
Rio Grande de Matagalpa 465 km (289 mi)
Prinzapolka 245 km (152 mi)
Largest lakes
Lake Nicaragua 8,138 km² (3,142 sq mi)
Lake Managua 1,053 km² (407 sq mi)
Largest islands
Ometepe (in Lake Nicaragua) 276 km² (107 sq mi)
Zapatera (in Lake Nicaragua) 52 km² (20 sq mi)


   Nicaragua is administratively divided into 15 departments and the 2 autonomous regions of the Caribbean Coast, which are by far the 2 largest entities and together make up half of the country's territory; the department of the capital Managua is instead the one with the largest population and the only one over a million inhabitants.

   The capital Managua barely exceeds one million inhabitants, while all the other cities remain below the threshold of two hundred thousand people; almost all the main inhabited centers are located close to the coast on the Pacific Ocean or not too far from Managua, with the eastern part of the country more sparsely populated.