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The imposing shape of Kilimanjaro   In Africa the heights of Asia or America are not reached, but the presence of different plateaus means that the average continental altitude is quite high, 750 meters (2,460 feet).

   The first place of Kilimanjaro stands out in this ranking, almost 700 meters higher than the second continental peak, Mount Kenya, both of volcanic origin; together with the Ruwenzori they are the only mountains to exceed 5,000 meters in height.

   The highest peaks in Africa are located in the central-eastern part of this continent, all quite close to the equator, but despite this their peaks are covered with snow throughout the year.

   In addition to the continental chains and mountains there are several islands of volcanic origin that reach considerable altitudes, starting from Tenerife, in the Canaries.

Mountain Height (meters) Height (feet) Mountain Range Country
Kilimanjaro (1) 5,895 19,341 Rift Valley Tanzania
Mount Kenya (2) 5,199 17,057 Rift Valley Kenya
Ruwenzori 5,109 16,762 Ruwenzori Mountains Democratic Republic of the Congo / Uganda
Mount Meru (3) 4,566 14,980 Rift Valley Tanzania
Ras Dashen 4,533 14,872 Ethiopian Highlands Ethiopia
Karisimbi 4,507 14,787 Virunga Mountains Democratic Republic of the Congo / Rwanda
Mount Elgon 4,321 14,177 Rift Valley Kenya / Uganda
Jebel Toubkal (4) 4,165 13,665 Atlas Mountains Morocco
Mount Cameroon (5) 4,040 13,255 Cameroon line Cameroon
Pico de Teide (6) 3,718 12,198 Tenerife Spain (Canary Islands)
Thabana Ntlenyana (7) 3,482 11,424 Drakensberg Lesotho
Emi Koussi (8) 3,415 11,204 Tibesti Mountains Chad
Kinyeti 3,187 10,456 Imatong Mountains South Sudan
Piton des Neiges (9) 3,069 10,069 Réunion Island France
Jebel Marra 3,042 9,980 Marra Mountains Sudan
Emba Soira 3,018 9,902 Eritrean Highlands Eritrea
Pico Basilé 3,011 9,879 Bioko Island Equatorial Guinea
Sapitwa 3,002 9,849 Mulanje Massif Malawi
Mount Tahat 2,908 9,541 Hoggar Mountains Algeria
Maromokotro 2,876 9,436 Tsaratanana Massif Madagascar
Pico do Fogo 2,829 9,281 Fogo Island Cape Verde
Mount Moco 2,620 8,596 Serra do Moco Angola
Mount Nyangani 2,592 8,504 Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe
Königstein 2,573 8,442 Brandberg Massif Namibia
Mount Shimbiris 2,460 8,071 Ogo Mountains Somalia
Chappal Waddi 2,419 7,936 Adamawa Mountain Cameroon / Nigeria
Mount Karthala 2,361 7,746 Grande Comore island Comoros
Queen Mary's Peak 2,062 6,765 Tristan da Cunha Island United Kingdom
Pico de São Tomé 2,024 6,640 São Tomé Island São Tomé and Principe
Idoukal-n-Taghes 2,022 6,634 Aïr Mountains Niger

* only the most significant mountains after the three highest are shown

(1) A dormant volcano isolated from other mountains, it rises from its base for almost 5,000 meters.
(2) Extinct stratovolcano that gave its name to the entire host country.
(3) Stratovolcano still active today, located 70 kilometers west of the top of Kilimanjaro.
(4) Highest peak in North Africa.
(5) Volcano still active, the top of which is a few tens of kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean.
(6) Highest mountain in the Atlantic Ocean.
(7) Highest peak in Southern Africa.
(8) It is the highest mountain in the Sahara.
(9) It is the highest peak in the entire Indian Ocean.