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Panorama of the Aconcagua   South America has the highest mountains in the world after Asia, with the highest peak reaching seven thousand meters; all the highest peaks belong to the Andes mountain range, a chain that extends for 7,000 kilometers, always in the westernmost part of the continent and a short distance from the Pacific Ocean.

   Thanks to their extension, the Andes are the longest mountain range on the planet, starting in the northern extremity of the continent and ending in the southernmost one, with numerous peaks above 5,000 meters, present in all 7 countries crossed; they have a width between 200 and 700 kilometers.

   The major peaks are located between Argentina and Chile, followed by those of Peru and Bolivia, with heights between 7,000 and 6,500 meters; the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia is the only other continental chain to exceed 5,000 meters.

Mountain Height (meters) Height (feet) Mountain Range Country
Aconcagua (1) 6,961 22,838 Andes Argentina
Ojos del Salado (2) 6,893 22,615 Andes Argentina / Chile
Monte Pissis 6,793 22,287 Andes Argentina
Huascarán (3) 6,768 22,205 Andes Perù
Cerro Bonete 6,759 22,175 Andes Argentina
Nevado Tres Cruces 6,753 22,156 Andes Argentina / Chile
Llullaillaco 6,739 22,110 Andes Argentina / Chile
Yerupajá (4) 6,632 21,759 Andes Perù
Nevado Sajama 6,542 21,463 Andes Bolivia
Chimborazo (5) 6,268 20,564 Andes Ecuador
Pico Simón Bolívar (6) 5,775 18,947 Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia
Pico Bolívar 4,978 16,332 Andes Venezuela
Pico da Neblina 2,994 9,823 Guiana Shield Brazil
Mount Roraima 2,810 9,219 Guiana Shield Brazil / Guyana / Venezuela
Julianatop 1,230 4,035 Guiana Shield Suriname
El Cerro del Aripo 940 3,084 Trinidad Island Trinidad and Tobago
Cerro Tres Kandú 842 2,762 Ybytyruzú Paraguay
Cerro Catedral 514 1,686 Sierra Carapé Uruguay

* only the most significant mountains after the seven highest are shown

(1) The highest peak on the planet outside Asia.
(2) It is the highest active volcano on Earth.
(3) The highest mountain in the area between the two Tropics.
(4) Summit that corresponds to the highest point of the Amazon River basin.
(5) It is the highest mountain near the equator, making it the furthest point from the center of the Earth.
(6) First and only mountain above five thousand meters excluding the Andes.