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Panorama of the massive Denali   Continent that exceeds 6,000 meters and 20,000 feet in height, albeit slightly and with only one mountain, Denali (Alaska).

   Several other peaks instead exceed five thousand meters, in two areas of North America, between Alaska and Canada in the northwest and much further south in Mexico, not far from the capital of this country.

   Central America is mainly mountainous and sees the presence both in the isthmus and in the insular section of numerous rather imposing mountains, many of which of volcanic origin and cause of serious damage in the recent past, especially in the Lesser Antilles.

Mountain Height (meters) Height (feet) Mountain Range Country
Denali (1) 6,190 20,308 Alaska Range United States
Mount Logan 5,959 19,551 Saint Elias Mountains Canada
Pico de Orizaba (2) 5,636 18,491 Cordillera Neovolcánica Mexico
Mount Saint Elias 5,489 18,009 Saint Elias Mountains Canada / United States
Popocatépetl 5,426 17,802 Cordillera Neovolcánica Mexico
Mount Whitney 4,421 14,505 Sierra Nevada United States
Mount Elbert 4,401 14,439 Rocky Mountains United States
Tajumulco (3) 4,220 13,845 Sierra Madre de Chiapas Guatemala
Mount Chirripó 3,820 12,533 Cordillera de Talamanca Costa Rica
Gunnbjørn Fjeld (4) 3,700 12,139 Watkins Range Greenland (Denmark)
Volcán Barú 3,475 11,401 Cordillera de Talamanca Panamá
Pico Duarte (5) 3,098 10,164 Cordillera Central Dominican Republic
Cerro Las Minas 2,870 9,416 Sierra Madre de Chiapas Honduras
Cerro El Pital 2,730 8,957 Sierra Madre de Chiapas El Salvador / Honduras
Pic La Selle 2,680 8,793 Chaîne de la Selle Haiti
Blue Mountain Peak 2,256 7,402 Blue Mountains Jamaica
Mogotón 2,107 6,913 Cordillera Isabelia Honduras / Nicaragua
Pico Turquino 1,974 6,476 Sierra Maestra Cuba
La Grande Soufrière (6) 1,467 4,813 Basse-Terre Island Guadeloupe (France)
Morne Diablotins 1,447 4,747 Dominica Island Dominica
Mount Pelée (7) 1,397 4,583 Martinique Island Martinique (France)
Cerro de Punta 1,338 4,390 Cordillera Central Puerto Rico (United States)
La Soufrière 1,234 4,049 Saint Vincent Island Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

* only the most significant mountains after the five highest are shown

(1) Third most topographically prominent mountain in the world after Everest and Aconcagua; its former official name was Mount McKinley.
(2) Highest volcano on the Continent, the last eruption was recorded in 1846.
(3) Volcano no longer active, the highest peak in Central America.
(4) Highest mountain over the Arctic Circle.
(5) Highest peak in the Caribbean and the only one to exceed three thousand meters.
(6) Highest point in the Lesser Antilles.
(7) A frightening eruption in 1902 caused some 30,000 deaths.