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The snow-covered Puncak Jaya   The highest mountains of Oceania are found in its largest island, New Guinea, with the highest peaks in Indonesian territory, a nation that is mostly located in Asia; however, even in Papua New Guinea they exceed 4,500 meters in height.

   The only other island with an elevation above 4,000 meters is the largest of the Hawaiian archipelago, thanks to two of the largest shield volcanoes on our planet; follows the South Island in New Zealand.

   The oceanic continental part, corresponding to Australia, does not reach prominent heights, given that the highest peaks do not exceed much the two thousand meters.

Mountain Height (meters) Height (feet) Mountain Range Country
Puncak Jaya (1) 4,884 16,024 Sudirman Range Indonesia
Sumantri 4,870 15,978 Sudirman Range Indonesia
Ngga Pulu (2) 4,862 15,951 Sudirman Range Indonesia
Mount Wilhelm (3) 4,509 14,793 Bismarck Range Papua New Guinea
Mount Giluwe 4,367 14,327 Southern Highlands Papua New Guinea
Mauna Kea (4) 4,205 13,796 Hawai'i Island United States
Mauna Loa (5) 4,169 13,678 Hawai'i Island United States
Aoraki / Mount Cook 3,754 12,316 Southern Alps New Zealand
Mount Tasman 3,497 11,473 Southern Alps New Zealand
Haleakala 3,055 10,023 Maui Island United States
Mount Ruapehu 2,797 9,177 Taupo Volcanic Zone New Zealand
Mount Balbi 2,715 8,907 Bougainville Island Papua New Guinea
Mount Vineuo 2,536 8,320 Goodenough Island Papua New Guinea
Mount Taron 2,379 7,805 New Ireland Papua New Guinea
Mount Ulawun 2,334 7,657 New Britain Papua New Guinea
Mount Popomanaseu 2,332 7,651 Guadalcanal Island Solomon Islands
Mont Orohena 2,241 7,352 Tahiti Island French Polynesia
Mount Kosciusko 2,228 7,310 Great Dividing Range Australia
Tabwemasana 1,879 6,165 Espiritu Santo Island Vanuatu
Mount Silisili 1,858 6,096 Savai'i Island Samoa
Mont Paniť 1,628 5,341 Grande Terre New Caledonia
Mount Tomanivi 1,324 4,344 Viti Levu Fiji
Kao 1,030 3,379 Kao Island Tonga

* only the most significant mountains are reported after the first three highest

(1) It is in the territory of an Asian country, whose easternmost part is however located in Oceania.
(2) In 1936 it was 4,907 meters high and was therefore the maximum continental peak, it has dropped due to strong glacial pressures.
(3) First peak of Oceania if Indonesia is excluded from the list.
(4) If measured from the base, which is 5,760 meters below sea level, it is the highest mountain on Earth.
(5) Unlike Mauna Kea (in a dormant state) it is a still active volcano.