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Belarus flag
Republic of Belarus
Respublika Bielarus'
   Born in 1991 like many other nations since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Belarus is a completely flat country, located west of Russia and east of Poland. Almost half of the territory is made up of forests, swamps and peat bogs; in the economic sphere, Belarus has remained fairly close to Russia, which is by far its largest partner for both exports and imports.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 207.600 km˛ (80,155 sq mi)
Population 9,413,000 inh. (2019 census)
Population 9,201,000 inh. (2023 est.)
Population density 44 inh/km˛ (115 inh/mi˛)
Capital Minsk (1,995,000 pop., 2,147,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Belarusian rouble
Human development index 0.808 (60th place)
Languages Belarusian, Russian (both official)
Life expectancy M 69 years, F 79 years
Location in Europe


Latvia and Lithuania NORTH-WEST
Poland WEST
Ukraine SOUTH


Largest cities
Minsk 1,995,000 pop., 2,147,000 urban aggl.
Gomel 502,000 pop., 585,000 urban aggl.
Grodno 359,000 pop.
Vitebsk 359,000 pop.
Mogilev 353,000 pop.
Brest 342,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Mount Dzeržinskij 345 m (1,132 ft)
Longest rivers
Dnieper 2,201 km (1,368 mi) total, 689 km (428 mi) in Belarus
Western Dvina 1,005 km (624 mi) total, with sections in Russia and Latvia
Neman 937 km (582 mi) total, 431 km (268 mi) in Belarus
Pripyat 761 km (473 mi) total, 495 km (308 mi) in Belarus
Sozh 648 km (403 mi) total, 493 km (306 mi) in Belarus
Berezina 613 km (381 mi)
Ptich 421 km (262 mi)
Largest lakes
Naroch 79.6 km˛ (30.7 sq mi)
Osveyskoye 57.1 km˛ (22 sq mi)
Chervonoye 40.8 km˛ (15.8 sq mi)


   The country is divided into 6 regions, to which the district of the capital must be added, which despite an area of just 410 km˛, is the most populated administrative entity; the 3 regions of Minsk, Homel 'and Vicebsk are the largest, with a very similar surface, of just over 40,000 km˛.

   In Belarus there are 34 inhabited centers over 25,000 inhabitants, of which 13 over the limit of one hundred thousand units, with Gomel constituting the second most populated city, even if clearly distanced from Minsk, which hosts more than 20% of the country's population.