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   Country of Central America located to the south-east of Mexico and bounded to the east by the Caribbean Sea; the territory of Belize is flat, if we exclude the area of the Maya Mountains, which are just over 1,000 meters high; the climate is rather hot, with a high level of humidity also due to the presence of many rivers and marshy areas.
Government type Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Area 22,965 kmē (8,867 sq mi)
Population 325,000 inh. (2010 census)
Population 441,000 inh. (2022 est.)
Population density 19 inh/kmē (50 inh/miē)
Capital Belmopan (28,300 pop.)
Currency Belize dollar
Human development index 0.716 (110th place)
Languages English (official), Spanish, Creole-English, Mayan languages
Life expectancy M 72 years, F 78 years
Location in North-Central America


Mexico NORTH
Guatemala WEST and SOUTH
Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea) EAST


Largest cities
Belize City 67,000 pop.
Belmopan 28,300 pop.
San Ignacio 24,900 pop.
San Pedro 23,900 pop.
Highest mountains
Doyle's Delight 1,124 m (3,688 ft)
Longest rivers
Belize (with Mopan) 290 km (180 mi) total, including the section in Guatemala
Largest islands
Douglas Cay 65 kmē (25 sq mi)
Ambergris Caye 64 kmē (24.5 sq mi)


   Belize is administratively divided into 6 districts, with that of Cayo, where the capital is located, which is the largest and the second most populated after Belize, which can count on the largest city in the country.

   The country has only one true city, Belize City, and 8 other less populated towns, with the rest of the population living in even smaller villages.