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Algeria flag
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Al Jumhuriyah al Jaza'iriyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Sha'biyah
   Algeria is one of the Saharan countries and the largest in all of Africa, in the north it is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea; the territory is divided into three distinct areas, the northern coastal one where most of the population resides, the Atlas Mountains immediately behind it and finally the huge southern desert portion.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 2,381,741 kmē (919,595 sq mi)
Population 34,080,000 inh. (2008 census)
Population 46,279,000 inh. (2024 est.)
Population density 19.5 inh/kmē (50 inh/miē)
Capital Algiers (2,365,000 pop., 3,462,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Algerian dinar
Human development index 0.745 (91st place)
Languages Arabic, Berber (both official), French
Life expectancy M 75 years, F 78 years
Location in Africa


Western Sahara WEST
Mauritania and Mali SOUTH-WEST
Libya EAST
Mediterranean Sea NORTH


Largest cities
Algiers 2,365,000 pop., 3,462,000 urban aggl.
Oran 803,000 pop., 1,270,000 urban aggl.
Constantine 448,000 pop., 694,000 urban aggl.
Highest mountains
Mount Tahat 2,908 m (9,541 ft)
Longest rivers
Chelif 700 km (435 mi)
Largest lakes
Chott Melrhir 6,700 kmē (2,587 sq mi), maximum area, usually mostly dry
Chott Ech Chergui 2,000 kmē (772 sq mi), usually almost completely dry


   At the end of 2019, 10 new provinces were added to the existing ones, bringing the total to 58; observing the first map we immediately see the difference between the surfaces of the southern provinces compared to the northern ones, where a large part of the population lives; Tamanrasset and Adrar are the two largest provinces, while that of the capital Algiers is the most populated, despite being the smallest in the whole country.

   At the 2008 census, Algiers alone exceeded, by far, one million inhabitants, while Oran stopped at just over 800,000 people; the distribution of the inhabited centers is strongly influenced by territory and climate, given that a large part of Algeria has a very low population density, due to the presence of the Sahara desert, with therefore all the major cities located to the north, along the Mediterranean coastal strip or in many cases not very far from it.