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Capital of United States Washington   In the table below a summary with all the capitals of North and Central America, you find also a useful map with their position on the continent and the population updated to the latest data or available estimates, both of the city itself and of its urban agglomeration.

   The capital of Mexico, Mexico City, is also the most populated city on the continent, with an urban agglomeration that exceeds 20 million inhabitants; it is also one of the 8 world capitals above 2,000 meters of altitude.

   Washington, on the other hand, is not among the largest cities in the United States of America, same as Ottawa in Canada; Santo Domingo, counting the entire urban area, is the largest city in the Caribbean, where several capitals of the smaller countries do not even reach 100,000 inhabitants.

   With the exception of Panama, all the capitals of Central America are located in the inland and not on the coastal strip; Guatemala City, for example, lies at an altitude of 1,500 meters.

Flag Country  Capital Population Urban aggl. Elevation
Antigua and Barbuda flag Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's 21,600 21,600 8 m
Bahamas flag Bahamas Nassau 297,000 297,000 9 m
Barbados flag Barbados Bridgetown 98,500 98,500 10 m
Belize flag Belize Belmopan 28,300 28,300 64 m
Canada flag Canada Ottawa 1,017,000 1,087,000 90 m
Costa Rica flag Costa Rica San José 352,000 2,106,000 1,170 m
Cuba flag Cuba Havana 2,138,000 2,138,000 21 m
Dominica flag Dominica Roseau 14,700 14,700 43 m
Dominican Republic flag Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 1,029,000 4,345,000 14 m
El Salvador flag El Salvador San Salvador 210,000 1,677,000 772 m
Grenada flag Grenada St. George's 38,300 38,300 30 m
Guatemala flag Guatemala Guatemala City 965,000 2,765,000 1,500 m
Haiti flag Haiti Port-au-Prince 978,000 1,712,000 98 m
Honduras flag Honduras Tegucigalpa 1,212,000 1,599,000 993 m
Jamaica flag Jamaica Kingston 585,000 990,000 9 m
Mexico flag Mexico Mexico City 8,844,000 21,905,000 2,240 m
Nicaragua flag Nicaragua Managua 1,047,000 1,419,000 163 m
Panamá flag Panamá Panamá City 1,133,000 2,067,000 12 m
Saint Kitts and Nevis flag Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre 14,000 14,000 10 m
Saint Lucia flag Saint Lucia Castries 22,000 22,000 2 m
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown 12,900 12,900 6 m
United States United States Washington 672,000 7,853,000 68 m

* data on urban agglomerations updated to 2023 (estimates), those on population according to official data or more recent estimates of the national statistical services, when different from urban agglomerations.