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Wellington, the capital of New Zealand   In the table below a summary with all the capitals of Oceania, you find also a useful map with their position on the continent and the population updated to the latest data or available estimates, both of the city itself and of its urban agglomeration.

   None of the capitals of Oceania exceeds half a million inhabitants, although there are some large cities on this continent, such as Sydney or Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

   Palau is home to the smallest capital in the world, Ngerulmud, which has just 320 inhabitants! However, it is not the only one of modest size, because even the capitals of Micronesia and Tuvalu are simple villages with a few thousand people.

   Nauru does not have an official capital, but is identified in Yaren, where the government offices of this tiny state, just 21 kmē wide, are located.

Flag Country  Capital Population Urban aggl. Elevation
Australia flag Australia Canberra 479,000 479,000 577 m
Fiji flag Fiji Suva 94,000 186,000 5 m
Kiribati flag Kiribati South Tarawa 63,100 63,100 3 m
Marshall Islands flag Marshall Islands Majuro 23,200 23,200 3 m
Micronesia flag Micronesia Palikir 6,600 6,600 80 m
Nauru flag Nauru No official Capital
Government offices are in Yaren
800 800 25 m
New Zealand flag New Zealand Wellington 216,000 433,000 13 m
Palau flag Palau Ngerulmud 320 320 70 m
Papua New Guinea flag Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 383,000 383,000 28 m
Samoa flag Samoa Apia 36,000 36,000 2 m
Solomon Islands flag Solomon Islands Honiara 130,000 130,000 29 m
Tonga flag Tonga Nuku'alofa 21,200 21,200 3 m
Tuvalu flag Tuvalu Funafuti 6,300 6,300 1 m
Vanuatu flag Vanuatu Port Vila 49,000 49,000 59 m

* data on urban agglomerations updated to 2022 (estimates), those on population according to official data or more recent estimates of the national statistical services, when different from urban agglomerations.