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United Republic of Tanzania
Jamhuri Ya Muungano wa Tanzania
   Tanzania (name derived from the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar) is located in central-eastern Africa south of Kenya and is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the east. Most of the country's territory consists of a plateau located between 1,000 and 1,400 meters high, there are several plains along the coastal strip and towards Mozambique, but also high mountains, among which Kilimanjaro stands out, the highest peak of all Africa.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 945,500 kmē (365,060 sq mi)
Population 61,741,000 inh. (2022 census)
Population density 65 inh/kmē (169 inh/miē)
Capital Dodoma (765,000 pop.)
Currency Tanzanian shilling
Human development index 0.549 (160th place)
Languages English, Kiswahili (both official), regional languages
Life expectancy M 65 years, F 70 years
Location in Africa


Kenya and Uganda NORTH
Rwanda and Burundi NORTH-WEST
Democratic Republic of the Congo WEST
Malawi and Mozambique SOUTH
Indian Ocean EAST


Largest cities
Dar es Salaam 5,384,000 pop., 7,965,000 urban aggl.
Mwanza 1,105,000 pop.
Zanzibar 778,000 pop.
Dodoma 765,000 pop.
Arusha 618,000 pop.
Mbeya 542,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Kilimanjaro 5,895 m (19,341 ft)
Mount Meru 4,566 m (14,980 ft)
Longest rivers
Nile 6,850 km (4,256 mi) total, small portion in the initial part
Ruvuma 800 km (497 mi)
Kagera 690 km (429 mi) total, with sections in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda
Rufiji 600 km (373 mi)
Great Ruaha 475 km (295 mi)
Malagarasi 475 km (295 mi)
Largest lakes
Victoria 68,800 kmē (26,564 sq mi) total, 34,900 kmē (13,475 sq mi) in Tanzania
Tanganyika 32,893 kmē (12,700 sq mi) total, 13,400 kmē (5,174 sq mi) in Tanzania
Malawi 30,044 kmē (11,600 sq mi) total, in fact only 300 km of coastline belong to Tanzania
Rukwa 2,800 kmē (1,081 sq mi)
Eyasi 1,000 kmē (386 sq mi), medium surface area
Largest islands
Unguja (or Zanzibar) 1,666 kmē (643 sq mi)
Pemba 988 kmē (381 sq mi)
Ukerewe 647 kmē (250 sq mi) in Lake Victoria
Mafia 518 kmē (200 sq mi)


   Tanzania is made up of 31 regions, 5 of which are on the islands of Unguja (Zanzibar) and Pemba; the two regions of Tabora and Morogoro are the largest, both with an area of over 70,000 square kilometers; the Dar es Salaam region, on the other hand, is the most populated, despite having a rather small area.

   At the last census there were 21 urban centers with over two hundred thousand inhabitants, including Dar es Salaam, which exceed 5 million people and which has now reached almost 8 million with the urban area; the major cities are fairly well distributed on the territory, even if some regions do not even have a relevant inhabited center.