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Republic of Zambia
   Zambia is located in southern Africa and its territory is mostly made up of plateaus at an altitude of 1,000-1,500 meters; the economy of this country is centered on the exploitation of underground resources (copper in the first place) and on plantation agriculture.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 752,612 kmē (290,585 sq mi)
Population 19,693,000 inh. (2022 census)
Population density 26 inh/kmē (68 inh/miē)
Capital Lusaka (2,204,000 pop., 3,202,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Zambian kwacha
Human development index 0.565 (154th place)
Languages English (official), Bantu languages
Life expectancy M 60 years, F 66 years
Location in Africa


Democratic Republic of the Congo NORTH
Malawi EAST
Mozambique SOUTH-EAST
Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia SOUTH
Angola WEST


Largest cities
Lusaka 2,204,000 pop., 3,202,000 urban aggl.
Kitwe 625,000 pop.
Ndola 625,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Mafinga Hills 2,339 m (7,674 ft)
Longest rivers
Zambezi 2,700 km (1,678 mi) total, with sections in Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique
Kafue 1,600 km (994 mi)
Luangwa 800 km (497 mi)
Largest lakes
Tanganyika 32,893 kmē (12,700 sq mi) total, 2,100 kmē (811 sq mi) in Zambia
Mweru 5,120 kmē (1,977 sq mi) total, including part in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Bangweulu 3,000 kmē (1,158 sq mi)
Mweru Wantipa 1,500 kmē (579 sq mi)
Largest islands
Kilwa (in Lake Mweru)
Mbabala (in Lake Bangweulu)


   Zambia is divided into 10 provinces, with that of the capital which is the most populated and only over 3 million inhabitants; the 2 Western and North-Western provinces are the largest, thanks to an area of around 125,000 square kilometers.

   At the last census in 2010 there were 17 cities with at least 50,000 inhabitants; it can be seen clearly from the second map that they are concentrated above all in the area of the capital and even more in the central part, where there are several mineral deposits, which have propitiated the origin and growth of several important urban centers.