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Cameroon flag
Republic of Cameroon
République du Cameroun
   Cameroon is located south-east of Nigeria north of the Equator, with the southernmost parts rich in forests, on the contrary the northern offshoots are affected by a Sahelian climate, with little rainfall. Country inhabited by a great variety of ethnic groups, given that, due to its position, it has been a contact between Guinean and Central Africa and therefore has experienced various migrations over the centuries.
Government type Presidential republic
Area 475,650 km² (183,649 sq mi)
Population 28,759,000 inh. (2024 est.)
Population density 60 inh/km² (157 inh/mi²)
Capital Yaoundé (3,659,000 pop., 4,642,000 urban aggl.)
Currency Central African CFA franc
Human development index 0.576 (151st place)
Languages English, French (official), regional languages
Life expectancy M 57 years, F 61 years
Location in Africa


Central African Republic EAST
Republic of the Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea SOUTH
Atlantic Ocean WEST


Largest cities
Douala 3,714,000 pop., 3,751,000 urban aggl.
Yaoundé 3,659,000 pop., 4,642,000 urban aggl.
Garoua 545,000 pop.
Bamenda 530,000 pop.
Maroua 415,000 pop.
Highest mountains
Mount Cameroon 4,040 m (13,255 ft)
Longest rivers
Benue 1,085 km (674 mi) total, 300 km (186 mi) in Cameroon
Sanaga 600 km (373 mi)
Largest lakes
Lake Chad 1,540 km² (595 sq mi) total, including section in Chad, it was much wider 50 years ago (25,300 km² / 9,768 sq mi)


   Cameroon is administratively composed of 10 regions, which are further subdivided into 58 departments; the East region is the one with the greatest extension and the only one to exceed one hundred thousand square kilometers, while the Central region slightly precedes that of the Far North in terms of number of inhabitants, both over the 5 million threshold.

   At the 2005 census there were 15 cities with at least 75,000 inhabitants, with Douala and Yaoundé clearly distancing themselves in number of inhabitants, at the time close to 2 million and now well over 3 million; most of the main towns are located in the western part of Cameroon, north-west of the capital.